Posted on May 27, 2016 in Property

According to the latest data published by the European Commission statistical office, Eurostat, production in the construction sector in Spain registered a year-on-year increase of 0.4% in March. However, compared to the previous month it registered a decline of 1.5%.

Eurostat also reported that production in construction fell by 0.5% year-on-year in the eurozone and by 1.4% in the whole of the European Union (EU).

Month-on-month (March over February) seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector registered a decline of 0.9% in the eurozone and a decline of 1.4% in the EU, while in February both of these zones registered month-on-month declines of 0.6%.

This month-on-month decline in the eurozone, is due to a decline in civil engineering work of 2%, following the decline of 0.3% registered in February, and to the fall in building construction, of 0.8%, which is in line with the decline of the previous month.

In the EU, the 1.4% monthly decline is due to civil engineering falling by 2.9% and building construction by 1.1%.

The greatest month-on-month declines registered in production in construction, among the Member States for which data are available, were those for Slovenia (-8.5%), Hungary (-6.3%) and the Czech Republic (-5.1%), while the greatest increases were registered in Sweden (+3.5%), France (+1.2%) and the Netherlands (+0.9%).

Compared to March 2015, the biggest year-on-year declines were those registered in Slovenia (-36.7%), Hungary (-33.9%) and Poland (-14.9%), while the most significant increases were registered in Sweden (+16.4%), the Netherlands (+6.3%), Germany (+1%) and Spain (+0.4%).

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