Posted on May 11, 2016 in Property

The 18th Edition of the Salón Inmobiliario de Madrid (SIMA) closed its doors on Sunday after four days in which it noted the return of buyers’ confidence together with greater real estate activity, while at the same time registering an increase in visitors of around 5% and the re-appearance of the younger audience aged between 25 and 35 years old, who are looking for their first home in Spain.

Although the final data for this latest SIMA real estate exhibition has not yet been posted, the director of the Salón, Eloy Bohúa, said in a press statement that the 5% increase in visitors is “in line with expectations”, in an event that clearly demonstrated the quality of the visiting public and the interest in purchasing they have shown to the over 200 exhibitors at the show. The number of exhibitors this past weekend increased by 25% over the previous edition, and the exhibition floor space increased by more than 30%.

Said one exhibitor, “In the last two years, SIMA has achieved spectacular results and sales, and this year we exceeded expectations, thanks to the influx of quality visitors which has allowed us to close a large number of reservations.” A similar view was shared by another exhibitor who said that this year visitors know this is a good time to invest and that they have come to the fair with clear budgets and also with a realistic view of the current market situation.

There was a great demand shown by visitors to the fair, for new and second hand housing in Madrid, either as a first home or a replacement home, and after several years in a sort of temporary limbo, tourist housing was once again attracting the attention of visitors to the fair with great opportunities to acquire coastal properties as rental investments.

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