Foreigners Bought 69,196 Homes in Spain in 2015

According to data from the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, foreign buyers acquired a total of 69,196 homes in Spain during 2015, representing an increase of 13% over the previous year, and accounted for almost one in every five of the homes sold in the country last year (18%).

Moreover, the volume of home purchases in Spain carried out by foreign citizens grew well above the average increase of 9.8%, which the housing market registered last year.

Non-resident foreigners purchased a total of 4,846 homes in Spain last year, representing an increase of 10.1% over a year earlier, while resident foreign buyers acquired 64,350 homes last year, which is an increase of 13.3% compared to the previous year.

Valencia is the region where foreigners bought most homes last year, with a total of 20,219 sold to foreign buyers, of which 1,665 of these homes were acquired by non-residents.

Andalucía was the second most popular region, with 14,384 homes being registered to foreign buyers in 2015 (1,854 by non-residents) followed by Catalonia, with 10,264 homes sold to foreign buyers (186 of them non-residents).

El Economista reported that in the Canary Islands foreigners bought 7,295 homes last year, 386 of which were acquired by non-residents, and in the Balearic Islands some 5,061 homes were sold to foreign buyers (218 non-residents).

In Madrid, foreign buyers acquired a total of 4,951 homes, of which 79 were purchased by non-resident foreigners.

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